Porsche is set to lift the wraps off a coupe version of its 918 Spyder next week at the Detroit show. The 918 Spyder hybrid, which made its debut last year as a concept in Geneva, is set for a limited production run, but according to reports, Porsche may be aiming for a different tack with the coupe.

Though based on the same platform as the hybrid, the reports suggest that insiders say that the coupe will be a concept race car equipped with a 600 hp V8 block, and that it isn’t slated for serial production. The debutant’s suggested power output isn’t that far ahead of the 918 Spyder hybrid’s V8, which develops 493 hp (and with the 215 hp from the electric motors on both the front and rear axle, a total combined 708 hp), but it would certainly be lighter for the supposed task at hand – we’ll know for sure next week.