The Government will continue to aid Approved Permit (AP) holders after 2015, the year when issuance of APs will finally stop. The aid will be from a special fund filled by the RM10,000 fee charged for each AP issued.

The man who gave the assurance, Deputy Minister of International Trade and Industry Datuk Mukhriz Mahathir, said the aim was to help bumiputra entrepreneurs shift smoothly to other sectors.

“We charged RM10,000 for every AP issued to set up the fund and the money will be used to ensure a smooth and orderly shift of bumiputra entrepreneurs to other business sectors. By having the fund, we hope to execute the shift orderly and smoothly,” he told reporters.

On claims by the Association of Malay Importers and Traders of Motor Vehicles Malaysia (Pekema) that 70,000 people would lose their jobs if the AP policy was enforced by 2015, Mukhriz had this to say:

“They need to prove that statement because we have our own figures. We have been helping them for a long time, some about 30 years already. I think they will benefit greatly from this government policy. At this time, there are many more bumiputra companies that wished they have the APs enjoyed by the 98 companies (selected by the government).

“There are about 160 companies eligible to get APs but the government will stick to the 98 companies and will protect them until 2015,” he added.