Here’s something to spend your Sunday night doing in case you don’t have any plans – all three episodes of “True Power Should Be Shared” (as well as a ‘Making Of’ clip), a mini web series produced by Aston Martin mainly to showcase the Aston Martin Rapide more than anything else. But I personally don’t feel anything out there has been able to match up to the standards that The Hire has set for short films by an automaker.

It could be all we’re going to get in the near future in terms of an Aston Martin in a movie-like setting as something tells me we’re not going to see James Bond drive an Aston Martin in the next installment of the movie, looking at how the last movie only featured an Aston Martin for awhile and then moved on to pimp various Ford Motor Company cars, as Ford had just disposed of its Aston Martin ownership at that time. Thankfully it does seem like Aston Martin independent of Ford is interested in sponsoring the James Bond franchise, as the DBS is featured in the new Blood Stone game.