Peugeot has given the C-segment Peugeot 308 a makeover featuring a significantly revamped front end that showcases a new ‘floating’ style for the front grille as well as boomerang-shaped LED daytime running lights to complement the foglamps.

This new look will premiere in the metal at the Geneva Motor Show and will go on sale from April 2011 internationally – who knows, Nasim may already be preparing for this facelift’s Malaysian introduction.

Something new for the 308 is the addition of an auto start-stop system for the 1.6 litre HDi Euro 5 turobodiesel engine. This promises a 15% reduction in diesel consumption for urban traffic, 40% faster restarting in 400 milliseconds, as well as engine shut off capability from 20km/h for the manual gearbox. This means that the turbodiesel engine can shut off when you are coasting to a stop when your speed reduces to 20km/h, instead of waiting for a complete stop. The alternator-start is designed for up to 600,000 restarts in its lifespan.

The diesel isn’t available in Malaysia though, and while we are waiting for Euro 4 which still looks like it’s sometime away, this Pug uses Euro 5 diesels.

Look after the jump for a set of photos that Peugeot have released.

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