You’ve already been shown the official pics of Chevrolet’s Colorado “Show Truck”, unveiled in Bangkok a few days ago at a GM function. Now here are some live shots of the one-tonne challenger that will go on sale in Thailand late this year.

Making a lot of its near 100 year old history of making trucks, Chevrolet even brought some of the past masters to Bangkok, which contrasted strongly with the Colorado. Described as a “stylized version of the new truck”, the show truck features an extended-cab body on a high-ride 4WD chassis. The production model rolling off Rayong won’t be wearing those 20-inch wheels and off-road tyres though, and the LED count could be less.

Power comes from a 2.8L turbodiesel engine, Chevy says, but there weren’t other details released. Will there be a smaller engine? If not, we’ll need to see how GM’s choice of + 0.3 litres over the 2.5L bar compares with Ford’s choice of – 0.3 litres for the Ranger. The Blue Oval has also set six-speeds (with manual shift) as the auto gearbox benchmark. Read all about the Ranger here.

More pics after the jump.

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