First, no more hidden speed trap ambushes from the cops, and now this – according to reports, the JPJ has announced that drivers or owners who have been blacklisted based on summons received through the post are now free to renew their road tax and driving licences.

The announcement of the lifting of the ‘saman ekor’ blacklist was made by JPJ deputy director-general Datuk Ismail Ahmad, and follows on the earlier announcement made by Deputy Transport Minister Jelaing Mersat a few days ago on the matter.

The reports quoted the minister as saying that drivers or vehicle owners who have commited traffic offences but with cases that have not been taken to court will no longer be prevented from renewing their driving and vehicle licences. The blacklist, however, is still in effect for cases that are pending in court or under investigation.

Last year, a total of 119,330 driving licences and 154,663 motor vehicle licences were blacklisted in Malaysia, while in 2009, the number was 122,794 for driving licences and 180,624 for vehicle licences, the reports add. So, sounds like good cheer, and does it have anything to do with it being an important year, one wonders. Any thoughts on the matter?