Goodyear launched a new tyre for the Malaysian market this evening – the Assurance Fuel Max (AFM). A development of the mid range Assurance that was introduced here in 2008, the Fuel Max focuses on savings, from both fuel efficiency and longer mileage. It carries over what’s good about the Assurance, chiefly the Kevlar protection, but adds on the company’s Fuel Saving Technology.

Goodyear says that up to 20% of a car’s fuel consumption is down to the tyres, so reducing rolling resistance was the main aim here. AFM features a full silica compound which reduces friction between the tyre’s molecules and provides high resistance to abrasion, resulting in improved FC and longer life.

Additionally, AFM is built with a hard base under the tread. This base reduces deformation in the crown area and also heat build up, which also contributes to economy. Goodyear also touts even pressure distribution as a feature.

Other noteworthy points include 3D “waffle blades” and Kevlar. The yummy sounding blades in the tread improve lateral interlocking power and circumferential decoupling – basically it’s good for braking distance and grip. Kevlar is a material that’s famous for being “five times stronger than steel”, and lighter too. Having some of this bulletproof vest material in tyres is reassuring in a road network full of potholes.

Goodyear says that AFM delivers 4% better fuel efficiency and 15% longer mileage over a “conventional tyre”. In this case, the conventional tyre is the Goodyear Ducaro GA, which Malaysians are familiar with. The economy figures were derived from a test conducted in Mireval, France using a Citroen C4 1.6 with 195/65 R15 tyres. TUV SUD Automotive GmbH oversaw the test.

For the mileage test, it was conducted internally at Goodyear’s Luxembourg facility. The AFM emerged with a projected tread life of 85,777 km, or 15% better than the Ducaro GA. Of course, actual savings and mileage may vary according to a range of factors, but it should still be in the ballpark.

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Refer to the image above for the available sizes. Assurance Fuel Max is available at all Goodyear Servitikar and Autocare outlets, priced from RM270 to RM520.