We’ve finally got more photos of the special edition Fiesta we spied last week – word continues to be that the ‘XTR Sapphire’ edition, as it has been tagged so far, will come with the equipment as described earlier. The cars you see in the photos are the style-sampling mules, one in Aurora Blue and the other in Cool White, which are the only colours for the edition.

Some other details about the cars – originally, Auto ConneXion planned for the edition to have leather seats, which the car in white has, in grey with blue and off white centre panel accents. Elsewhere, the rest of the cabin remains as is, in grey.

Then the Thai-designed interior emerged, and the XTR looks to be going with this one instead of leather. While the original photo from the Thai showcar displayed rather bright blue shades, in the flesh the palette depth of the blue tones are actually quite subdued, as the photos show.

The white XTR has a double tipped end of its exhaust visible, while the blue XTR doesn’t have that. The blue car is almost complete in its representation of what the final product will be like styling-wise when it comes (which is still some months away), so it remains to be seen if the exhaust feature will be part of that package.

The white/grey marking film is from Oracal, so it should well last the distance. Spotted in the blue car’s boot was a pre-cut roll of white roof/tail strip, which is to replace the grey one if so chosen, so whether the retail Aurora Blue XTR will have twin white stripes running down the roof to the rear or retains the white/grey configuration also remains to be seen. The white car wears a blue/grey marking film.

The word is also that the interior will feature a few more refinements, but in essence, what’s there is pretty much what it’ll look like. No word on the final product pricing beyond that bandied earlier – guess we’ll know when the edition gets closer to being introduced.

Gallery of the blue and white XTRs after the jump.

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