Another Volkswagen dealership has been launched – Amcorp Auto opened its first 3S Volkswagen centre in Jalan Ipoh today; the opening marks the first venture of the Amcorp Group into the automotive retailing market.

The centre, which features 5,000 sq ft of showroom space and includes a specially-designated air-conditioned delivery room, meets all current Volkswagen corporate image standards and is located on a spacious stand-alone plot in the heart of KL.

With a further 8,000 sq ft of service area as well as a fully covered 7,500 sq ft of storage space for new vehicles, the centre certainly isn’t lacking in acreage.

The opening of the centre paves the way for greater involvement for the group in the automotive arena. “The investment by Amcorp into the automotive retail market does not end with this 3S centre in Jalan Ipoh, as there could be greater participation or larger investments in the industry by the company in the future,” said Tan Sri Azman Hashim, chairman of Amcorp Group. Volkswagen Jalan Ipoh can be contacted at 03–6259 6669.