The title of Europe’s cheapest car will soon belong to the Lada Granta, which will make its debut sometime in late 2011. Built by Russia’s largest automaker, AvtoVAZ, the pricing could start as low as US$6,200, which would make it the cheapest car built in Europe.

The Granta, known internally as the VAZ 2190, will kick off things in sedan form, with plans for a hatchback and possibly even a wagon version to follow. The car, which is built on Lada’s Kalina platform, is anticipated to replace the latter as it goes along.

With an exterior designed by Ivan Lepeshkin and an interior done up by Valentina Novikova, the Granta has been brought up to 21st century standards. As AvtoVAZ president Igor Komarov puts it, the Granta “will be more safe, modern and comfortable than Kalina.” Three engine versions are planned, these being 80 hp, 90 hp and 98 hp variants.

The Granta will be built at the AvtoVAZ home plant in Tolyatti, and production of the older Lada models will be shifted to Izhevsk. The car has been designed domestic consumption, but AvtoVAZ bigwigs aren’t ruling out the possibility of exports to Western Europe. The car has already caught Renault’s attention – the French maker is keen on exploring development of its own version of the car, which would sit below the Logan range.