And here’s the 5th member of the MINI family – the production version of the new MINI Coupe. It’s the brand’s first model to adopt a three box body style – the rest have all been different kinds of hatchbacks.

The two-seater measures 3,734 mm (MINI Cooper Coupé: 3,728 mm) in length, 1,683 mm in width and 1,384 mm (MINI Cooper Coupé: 1,378 mm) in height. Its exterior length, width and wheelbase (2,467 mm) match the typical measurements of a MINI, but the MINI Coupé has a significantly lower body height.

A few engine options are available – from a 122 horsepower 160Nm Cooper Coupe to a 184 horsepower 240Nm Cooper S Coupe, up to a 211 horsepower 260Nm MINI JCW Coupe. If you want an oil burner, the Cooper SD Coupe makes 143 horsepower and 305Nm. All models use an Electric Power Steering.

Two different transmissions are available – 6-speed auto or manual. The Cooper S Coupe and Cooper SD Coupe come with a new self-adjusting clutch. Automatic readjustment of the clutch ensures that the pedal feel remains consistent through the life of the clutch.

From the photos and press material, it looks like MINI has taken everything you know about MINIs and put it into a new 2 seater body. Look after the jump for a full gallery and a few videos on the new MINI Coupe.