Many would have heard off the Subaru Palm Challenge before, an annual contest that sees contestants trying to “outpalm” each other by having their hand on a Subaru for as long as possible. Not just a physical challenge, but a severe mental one as well, the contest shows how far one will go to win a car.

Last year, 45-year-old Singaporean Aloysius Lim lasted 75 hours and 17 minutes before driving away an Impreza WRX 2.5L Sedan as reward.

The Malaysian leg of the Subaru Palm Challenge 2011 happened over the weekend at Pavilion KL, where 57 contestants vied for 10 places on a plane to Singapore for the finals. There, they will compete with 310 Singaporeans and 80 others from across Asia to win a Subaru Impreza 2.0R. The finals will happen on October 29 in the Lion City.

The contest started at 10am outside Pavilion, where the 57 placed their right palm on an allocated space on the two Impreza Sedans parked there. They were subjected to various “tortures” to eliminate the weak from the strong, and to find the strongest willed of them all.

Among the challenges were standing with the left leg raised, doing the same with the left hand raised vertically and while holding a bottle and holding a ping pong ball with spoon in mouth. The stakes were upped when they were required to hold two bottles with their left hand raised vertically. They were also made to dance and sing!

Finally, after 10 hours 29 minutes in the rain and heat, Richard Law, Mohd Fadhlly, Yoon Kok Leong, Tan Chuan Kok, Amier Amzar, Jonathan David William, Chan Hon Ki, Hubert Koh, Saw Sen Chiew, and Tan Hong Sheng outlasted the rest to be the 10 finalists.

Needless to say, these ladies weren’t there for the palm-off, but for a model contest!

For their efforts, each took home a Toshiba LCD TV and an all expense paid trip to Singapore for the finals. Besides the car, the finals will offer cash prizes for a “Country Winner” and an “Asian Winner” – the latter for the longest lasting non Singaporean.

Piece of cake? Join next year! Pics from the event, as posted on the I Love Subaru FB page, are after the jump.