Volkswagen revealed its six Volkswagen up! Concepts last night at the Volkswagen Group Night, just one of the few amazing presentations during what was a night showcasing the brilliant diversity of the Volkswagen group.

The world premiere of the two-door up! signifies the beginning of an entire series of cars: the New Small Family. Volkswagen is demonstrating – with no less than 6 exciting concept cars – how this family could be further developed based on the new up!.

Specially designed for the world’s beaches are the buggy up! and the up! azzurra sailing team. Then there is the cross up!, which was conceptualised for urban driving. The GT up! is a concept car tuned for the German Autobahn. Another concept car is the eco up! that is powered by natural gas and extremely clean to drive: The e-up! is a zero-emissions specialist with an electric drive.

The different brands of the Volkswagen group – Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, Porsche, and Lamborghini showcased their Frankfurt debuts at the Volkswagen Group Night. Each brand took their turn to reveal their showcars to the audience in their very own unique way.

In a way, this was probably one of the best ways to showcase how the Volkswagen Group runs their brands. Many of the cars have shared technologies and platforms, thus improving economies of scale as well as pressing the fast forward button on innovation and technology trickle-down from the high end brands to the low end brands. But each brand is allowed to have their own identity, and this is clearly reflected in the cars that each brand puts out.

We are currently working on putting up the rest of the debut performance videos online, as well as get you the full lowdown on all the various cars that the Volkswagen group have put out, including live photos from the 2011 Frankfurt Motor Show. In the meanwhile, sit back relax and enjoy the stream of Frankfurt stories being released.