Reports indicate that new vehicle sales in Thailand dropped 67.5% in November from the same period a year earlier, the result of supply shortages brought about by the suspension of production due to the recent flood crisis.

While total sales volume for the year was 739,506 units, a figure that is up by 4.6% compared to the year before, new vehicle sales in November totalled only 25,664 units. Toyota remained the market leader, with a 15.8% share of total new vehicles sold during the month, while Mitsubishi Motors came in second with a 13.9% share.

Passenger car sales in Thailand, meanwhile, fell 62.1% on year to 12,746 units, with Honda taking a 22.2% share for the lead, and Nissan a close second with a market share of 21.1%. Elsewhere, the reports add that sales of commercial vehicles, including that of one-tonne pick-up trucks, slumped 71.5% to 12,918 units. Leader Mitsubishi had 24.9% of the market, while Isuzu was second with 20.1%.