Here what Audi brought to Detroit. The Audi Q3 Vail Concept is a winter adventure themed version of Audi’s smallest crossover, the Q3. Groomed specifically for winter sports like the pistes in the famous Colorado mountain resort which inspired its name, the Vail combines harder-edged styling with a brawny 2.5-litre TFSI engine.

Designed for fans of skiing and snowboarding, the Q3 Vail wears Energy Red paint, and its add-on body parts are finished in matte grey quartz. The area around the windows is enhanced by aluminium and high-gloss black.

Vertical bars in the single-frame grille sets it apart. The struts feature a bi-colour theme: their lateral edges are in matte quartz and the slim front faces have a high-gloss finish. Plenty of aluminium panels in front, the top of the side air inlets and the underbody guard are made of the stuff.

Eyecatching features on the flanks include flared wheel arches and running boards, and on the roof the specially designed aluminum rails firmly hold carbonfibre skis and snowboards. The front roof-rail support integrates compact, wide-angled LED lights controlled via buttons in the roof module. Lights on roof rails are things that previous gen X-Trail owners are familiar with.

The Q3 Vail is fitted with 255/45 section off-road tyres and 20-inch five-arm wheels. Track width has increased by 40 mm at the front and rear compared to the standard car, and the body sits 30 mm higher. At the rear, the twin tailpipes are integrated into the diffuser and underbody guard area.

The interior of the Q3 Vail includes two practical devices for winter sports fans. The wall of the boot houses a charging station for storing flashlights and charging them inductively at the same time.

The same technology is used for the Thermos bottle located in the cup holder between the front seats. Both devices have LEDs that show the current charge level. The flashlights also incorporate an infrared heating element that can be used for warming hands or ski boots.

Another intelligent solution is the load floor mat, which has integrated heated seat cushions. The mat can be folded out and laid over the loading lip. This protects the trunk edge while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded, and also provides a warm area to sit on when putting on or taking off your ski boots. Small LED spotlights on the inside of the tailgate provide light.

The Q3 Vail is powered by a 2.5-litre five-cylinder TFSI engine with 314 PS and 400 Nm of torque. The engine’s five cylinders are consecutively numbered; red ‘wrinkled-finish’ paint has been applied to the cylinder head cover. A panel made from carbonfibre-reinforced polymer (CFRP) partially covers the engine, and the air filter is also protected against dirt.

Power is transferred to the quattro permanent AWD system via a seven-speed S tronic transmission. This small SUV can do 0-100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds and top speed 260 km/h.