The iconic Land Rover Defender goes upmarket, and in a big way – London-based bespoke coachbuilder Prindiville Design has unveiled its Limited Edition Land Rover Defender, which sees the vehicle transformed from regular working mule to a right royal ride.

It’s a 25 unit limited run, this one, based on the latest Defender 90 Hard Top model. The vehicle is hand-assembled by Prindiville’s team of skilled specialists at the company’s facility close to Silverstone, in-line with the customer’s bespoke interior and exterior specification. Enhancements to the suspension, braking system, cooling, and engine are undertaken by Defender specialists Alive Tuning.

The Limited Edition offers a choice of four different power upgrades, which gradually increase the output of the 2.4 litre TDi powerplant from 122 to 190 hp. The mill is coupled with the dual-range six-speed transmission, which can be further upgraded to an automatic or tiptronic gearbox. The addition of a high flow intercooler, silicone hoses, and turbocharger takes peak torque to 460 Nm, and performance-wise the LE LRD does the 0-100 km/h sprint in just 10 seconds.

The model is specified as standard with 18-inch five-spoke alloy wheels, complete with a high performance braking system, in this case with Prindiville’s bespoke six-pot calipers and sport discs. The LRD also wears custom designed and manufactured performance springs, and has additional internal soundproofing.

Each of the 25 units will be specified with a unique paint scheme in either a matte or metallic finish from Prindviille’s very own palette. Specific dress up features include a rear Prindiville signature badge, a titanium high performance sports exhaust, chrome side protection runners, LED front and rear headlamps, ribbed undershield as well as front/rear parking sensors and cameras, a world first for the LRD, the company says.

It’s not just the exterior and mechanicals that go the regal route. The cabin gets a full leather job, trimmed with the finest Italian hides, and the Cobra sport seats are dressed with hand-stitched piping. There’s also a matching leather-wrapped steering wheel, as well as alcantara driver/passenger carpets and a bespoke centre console storage unit, all built and tailored according to the owner’s colour selection.

Entertainment and comms haven’t been forgotten. There’s a five-inch built-in LCD television interface providing access to wireless Internet, and the four-speaker system incorporates a DVD player, satellite navigation as well as Bluetooth connectivity. To ensure you never forget you’re not in a run-of-the-mill Defender, each of the Prindiville Limited Edition Defenders will have a dashboard-mounted numbered aluminium plaque commemorating the series.