What happens when the car you sold to the used car dealer gets into trouble or collects summonses? It’s their responsibility since you have already sold the car, right? Maybe not. Usually, the car you’ve sold is technically still owned by you, since the used car dealer doesn’t do any transfer of ownership until the car finds a buyer.

Yesterday, Transport Minister Datuk Seri Kong Cho Ha said that JPJ may make it compulsory for all used car dealers to adopt E-Tukar Hakmilik Sementara, run by e-government services provider MyEG since last December. The system seeks to solve disputes from this transitional period when the car is in the used car dealer’s care. He will now be the temporary owner and will be responsible for all summonses.

E-Tukar Hakmilik Sementara will cost second hand car dealers a fee of RM10, and it lasts for six months.

“This was introduced by the Used-Car Association of Malaysia and is a win-win situation to protect the interests of the consumers. It is a win for owners and used-car dealers, and the JPJ too, which used to get the blame,” Kong said. The Transport Minister urged more used car dealers to adopt the system voluntarily, although we think not many would do so when it costs them effort and money.

He added the RTD is currently monitoring the take up rate before deciding if E-Tukar Hakmilik Sementara should be made mandatory.