Here are some work in progress pics of Hafiz Mohd Hashim’s Satria GTI, the current car being reworked by R3 in My Proton Makeover. Hafiz, a Quality Control Inspector based in Singapore, has his wife to thank, as she submitted a photo-entry featuring two Satrias belonging to her and her husband, but his GTI was the one chosen by the judges.

The R3 boys should be having a good time “playing” with the GTI, since it’s the sportiest car to be madeover since My Proton Makeover started. Till now, they’ve worked on a 1992 Saga, a 1994 Wira and a 1996 Iswara Aeroback.

“From the first look, car has been well maintained and we can tell when an owner appreciates his car. As we start taking it apart, we will analyse its inner conditions to see what areas we need to work and improve on. We will also be focusing on making his machine run smoother. The Satria GTi has its history with Lotus, and we look forward to ensuring that it is tuned to that level of quality and performance,” said R3 head Tengku Djan.

From the WIP pics, it looks like Hafiz’s hatchback is now a green machine. How mean, we will have to wait till the unveiling to find out