The F10 BMW M5 just unveiled today in Malaysia is violently fast, but if that’s not enough, BMW tuner G-POWER has a solution for you – it’s just launched a tuning kit for the M5 that will take its 4.4 liter twin-turbo V8 up to 640 horses and 777Nm – that’s a boost of 80 horses and 93Nm of torque. G-POWER has tuned the ECU to cut torque during shifts in order not to damage the M DCT gearbox.

G-POWER doesn’t do much to radically alter the M5’s looks – just subtle splashes of their trademark orange colour here and there. Through the spokes of the G-POWER 21 inch forged wheels, you’ll be able to see the large G-POWER ceramic brakes with orange calipers. The G-POWER F10 M5 also rides on G-POWER GM5-RS coilovers and uses a G-POWER stainless steel rear muffler.

Of course, 640 horses is nothing compared to what G-POWER did to the E60 M5 – the G-POWER M5 “HURRICANE RR” had its high-revving V10 boosted with dual ASA superchargers to 800hp and 800Nm – perhaps G-POWER still has more cards up its sleeves that they’ve not unveiled!