At the F30 3-Series launch last week, BMW put on display the rich lineage that the sixth-generation car has, just like what they did for the F10 5-Series launch some years back. The previous generations and history of the BMW 3-Series also appeared in full page ads in local dailies.

On display at the Mines Convention Centre were all five previous generations of the sports sedan. The first 3-Series (E21) made its debut back in 1975, followed by the replacement E30 that we still see on the road today. Speaking of that, our Harvinder will be parting with his beautiful E30 Coupe very soon, with a heavy heart. Don’t worry bro, we will be there for you!

The 1990s saw the introduction of the E36 3-Series, which was significantly larger than the 3er of the 80s. The modern era continued with the curvy E46, before the baton was passed to the E90 that came out in 2005. Fast forward seven years, and we have a new chapter.

Also invited to the family party was the BMW 2002, which was part of the Neue Klasse models that propelled BMW on to the world stage, cementing the Munich firm’s reputation as a maker of sporty cars. The 2002 was the precursor to the 3-Series.

Click here to read about the rich heritage of the BMW 3-Series. Not as titillating as the one posted by colleague Anthony earlier, but I hope you enjoy this gallery nonetheless :)

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