Ford Malaysia recently had hosted a lunch meeting with selected members of the media and the top guys of Ford, who were on a very short business trip. In that meeting, a few things were discussed.

Ford has big plans for the Malaysian market. The American car company now considers Malaysia to be one of their most important markets this side of South East Asia and the world. Not surprising as Ford in Malaysia experience exceptional performance in 2011, something that they have not experienced since 1997.

Retail sales have risen to 145% from the previous year. It translates to 7,188 vehicles sold, of which 4,297 comes from the sales of the Fiesta. And, although the current Ford Focus and Ford Ranger are up for replacements, the company has recorded increased sales in both products. The Ranger sold 2,274 units (more than 17% increase) and the Focus sold 263 (an increase of 58%) last year.

Within the next 18 months, Ford will be launching six vehicles into the market. We already know two of the six – the Ranger and the Focus – that will be launched this year. They remain silent on the other four vehicles but hinted that there might be CBU models will be in the mix. These six products will also bring eight new powertrains. The list includes engines from the EcoBoost catalog as well as its diesel offerings.

Incidentally, the new Ford Ranger have already garnered more than 600 bookings and the numbers are expected to increase by the time the 4×4 truck is officially launched.

Ford will also add five more showrooms to its portfolio in 2012. They also have plans to convert some of the existing 42 showrooms into 3S centres as well, although no definite numbers are given.

The American car company also has a new global tagline called Go Further. In a nutshell it means that Ford is committed to instill the core characteristics of Quality, Green, Safe and Smart into all of their products. And to do so, Ford will be engaging closely with their partner-dealers, suppliers, the community and the employee to gauge customer needs, wants and satisfaction.