You’re looking at a one-off belonging to guitar master Eric Clapton, a Ferrari enthusiast and owner. Designed by Centro Stile Ferrari in collaboration with Pininfarina and the engineers from Maranello, this Ferrari “SP12 EC” was created as homage to Clapton’s career and his experience as a Ferrari owner.

Clapton is very attached to one particular Ferrari, so much so that he owned three of them over the years. The model in question is the 512 BB of the late 70s. So his desire was to drive a car inspired by the Berlinetta Boxer, based on the modern 458 Italia of today.

“Meticulous attention in terms of style and technology was paid to the proportions and architecture of the SP12 EC – which is part of Ferrari’s One-Off Programme – making this exceptional car even more significant. Just like music is created, applying the right notes in the right places to build a musical score, so was the creative process behind the Ferrari SP12 EC,” Ferrari said in a statement.

Following through with the project was “one of the most satisfying things I’ve ever done,” said Clapton. I remember the V12 powered 512 BB as one of the top trumps in top trumps, and there are definately hints of the old timer in this reworked 458. Classic looks on a modern icon – never thought I’d call a 458 graceful!