Dany Bahar, who was dismissed by DRB-Hicom recently, is lawyering up to face his former paymasters. He is suing for alleged wrongful termination and is filing a suit in London’s High Court, as reported by Swiss newspaper Bilanz.

In a nutshell, Lotus’ ex-top man was given the marching orders over the misuse of company funds. An investigation commissioned by DRB-Hicom has revealed that Bahar have been using company money to remodel his home as well as the misuse of private jets and helicopters. You can read more of Bahar’s boot here.

In the same Bilanz report, Bahar has denied all allegations pertaining to his dismissal. DRB-Hicom is keeping mum over the matter.

So, is Dany Bahar right and DRB-Hicom had jumped the gun in his sacking? Or does DRB-Hicom have another card to play? As they say, the plot thickens.