Mileage claims, necessary but tedious. The amount of recording how far you’ve travelled and calculating how much the company owes you can be such a chore. But without it, you won’t get your money back.

Enter the Audi Mileage Tracker, an iOS app that uses GPS to help you calculate the amount claimed per kilometre against the distance you travel for work. All of which is logged in real time using GPS mapping with the amount recorded at the end of the journey. The record can then be transferred onto a spreadsheet showing the trips taken over a period, which can be emailed to a computer.

The app also allows you to save journeys you take regularly and recall them for the log. So you don’t have to write down the mileage over and over again. Audi said that the calculations are ‘always absolutely accurate because the exact route is tracked regardless of road diversions’.

The Audi Mileage Tracker is free to download from iTunes.