It’s a nod to the past with the return of an iconic livery. As Porsche’s development programme on its 918 Spyder continues, the company has decided to mix it up a little and give the car a new dress, in the striking form of Martini Racing colours.

The latest test vehicle is now turning laps in the getup scheme that graced many a historic Porsche race car, especially those from the 1970s, when Martini was the official partner of the Porsche factory team between 1973 and 1978. Implemented in a wide variety of forms, the memorable Martini Racing design was a familiar sight during that era.

Now, Porsche has signed an agreement with Bacardi, the folk behind Martini, to make a new edition of the livery available exclusively to the 918 Spyder. With the 770 hp hybrid continuing to undergo driving trials at the Nurburgring, those puttering about the 20.8 km-long Nordschleife should be well able to catch the new ‘un parading the blast from the past.