Several ambulances belonging to St John Ambulance Malaysia (SJAM) now wear new tyres donated by Goodyear Malaysia. The tyres, 38 in total, consist of Goodyear Duraplus and G28 Flexsteel. This is the seventh year Goodyear is providing the rubbers to one of Malaysia’s oldest NGOs.

Also, in conjunction with the upcoming Raya season, Goodyear also conducted a workshop that stresses the finer points of road safety and tyre care for the SJAM community. The one hour workshop covered topics such as correct tyre inflation, tread wear and wheel alignment, just to name a few.

Ivy Peng, Managing Director of Goodyear Malaysia said, “For many years, SJAM has been a recipient of Goodyear’s philanthropic efforts because we believe that the services they provide are an essential facet to the development of the local community. These services translate to the prevention of harm and in saving lives.”

SJAM is an NGO that promotes the teaching of First Aid and health care issues. The organization carries out projects such as mass CPR training, Citizen Action and Response in Emergencies (CARE) and First Aider Training Project designed to place a first aider in every home across the country.