More venomous eye candy, and in the case of the new SRT Viper, you can never get enough visual poison. Chrysler has announced pricing: US$97,395 (RM300k) for the bottom-rung model. The range-topping Viper GTS, however, goes for US$120,395 (RM371k).

Both the Viper and Viper GTS have an 8.4 litre all-aluminium V10 engine under the hood that churns out 640 hp and a tyre-shredding 814 Nm of twist. SRT (short for Street and Racing Technology), Chrysler’s performance arm, claims the torque figure is the highest among naturally-aspirated sports cars. A six-speed stick shift is standard, as is a speed-sensitive limited-slip differential.

The Viper GTS gets several enhancements such as active suspension and forged aluminium ‘Venom’ rims to set it apart from the base car.

Viper production is set to begin in November at Detroit’s Conner Avenue Assembly Plant (the Viper’s home since its first generation in 1995), and order books will open in mid-November.

Chrysler wants to make SRT a separate brand, so expect to see more ‘SRT Viper’ than the ‘Dodge Viper’ we grew up with. Then again, what’s in a name when you’ve got this much power and torque?

Go ahead and check out the pictures (the GTS is the blue one with racing stripes). Just look at those hood louvres!