Last month, the authorities conducted Ops Selamat, which – unlike its Ops Sikap predecessor – took into account crime prevention, not just road safety. Ops Selamat was held from August 12 to 28 and some 5,487 road traffic offences were recorded during that period, with the highest number of cases (2,616) being traffic light offences.

The Road Transport Department (JPJ), which played a part in the operations, will send out Ops Selamat 2012 summon notices to traffic offenders by the end of this month. JPJ director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said the notices were being processed by the police enforcement division.

“We have proof of offences being committed in the form of photographs and will be issuing summonses,” he said at JPJ’s Aidilfitri celebrations earlier this month. Solah added that anyone who failed to comply with the summon notices could be blacklisted.

Should one reach your mailbox, it can be paid at a JPJ office near you, irrespective of where the offence was commited. How are you feeling? Confident or fingers crossed?