This funky-looking people mover is called the Daihatsu Ultra Functional Compact (UFC) Concept, and it’s another debutant at the ongoing IIMS in Jakarta.

It’s a six-seater study that Astra Daihatsu Motor says it has taken the lead in developing, using Daihatsu’s expertise in compact cars. But while designed along the lines of a compact, the B-pillarless vehicle features a large interior and a versatile seating arrangement.

In this case, both the second row and third row seats are fully electrically-powered and adjustable, in the sense that the second row units can slide forward to the point that they can be “stacked” directly behind the front row seats, and the slightly-raised third row seatbacks can fold down, offering a high degree of functionality and cavernous cargo space, if so desired.

Elswhere, rear sliding doors offer ease of ingress and egress. Aside from all this, there’s no mention of any specific details, like what powertrain the UFC has, nor are any figures touted. Reports hint that the exterior lines of the study might be how the next-generation Xenia people mover – currently in the market – or the Avanza will shape up, and that a production version should be a seven-seater. Maybe we’ll see it come to fruition next IIMS.