Some news about Hicom-Potenza Sports Cars, the joint venture company between UK firm Potenza – which makes Westfield cars – and local partner DRB-Hicom. It seems that the local distribution company has changed hands.

In a statement to Bursa on October 8, DRB-Hicom announced that Proton Marketing, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary company of Proton Holdings, has completed the acquisition of Hicom Holdings’ entire 90% equity interest in Hicom-Potenza Sports Car at a cost of RM4.5 million.

The statement says that the rational for the internal reorganisation is part of the Group’s intention to streamline and realign its businesses to achieve greater operational efficiency.

In June, Hicom-Potenza signaled its intent at taking the Westfield brand much further afield locally. Aside from the introduction of the Westfield Sport Turbo 3 and the Westfield AeroRace, which we tested in Sepang, word was that the company was in the midst of developing a new road-going, two-seater rear-wheel drive sports car, with production targeted to begin in a couple of years. Wonder if that’s still on the cards, and if there’s a direction change, given the card reshuffle.