Honda Thailand has put up a new teaser of the upcoming Honda Brio Sedan 1.2 litre, codenamed the 2TP. The single teaser image shows a rear three quarter angle of the car, mostly of the upper half so we can’t see the wheels, but it definitely reveals enough for us to see how the car looks like.

It seems like Theophilus Chin’s earlier rendering of how a Brio sedan could look like is turning out to be pretty close in terms of silhouette, but there are differences. On the boot lid, there’s a thick chrome bar in between the two tail lamps, which loses the ‘Altezza-like’ clear lense look that the Brio hatch had and reverts to a mostly red lense.

The design of the side view is also quite different from the Brio hatchback. It seems Honda has added a second character line to the side of the car – the one that extends from the front wheel arch doesn’t go all the way to the rear but instead passes over the front door handle and terminates mid-way on the rear door, and below that a second character line starts off on the rear door and passes through the door handle on the way to the rear tail lamp.

We first saw a teaser of the new compact A-segment sedan earlier this month when a silhouette of a sedan was teased on Honda Thailand, advertised as having a 1.2 litre engine, probably the same motor as found in the Honda Brio hatchback. We expect it to be under 4 metres in length so it can qualify for a lower tax bracket in India, where it will compete against the likes of the odd-looking Suzuki Swift Dzire sedan.