The Porsche Malaysia website seems to suggest that the Cayenne S Diesel will be joining the local line-up, as evidenced by the screenshot above. If it is the case, it’s interesting that they’re considering this model – with a 4.2 litre oil-burning biturbo V8 pushing out 382 hp and a mega 850 Nm of torque, does this mean the quality of our diesel fuel is not as bad as we think?

We have no details yet on when the car will be introduced, if at all, but we can speculate as to its price. The Cayenne S starts from RM700k; the S Hybrid from RM740k, so we presume the S diesel won’t stray very far from a RM720k base price, given that it’s positioned between the Cayenne S and S Hybrid in other markets.

The Cayenne S Diesel is set to launch in Germany next year. We’ve got some sound clips of Stuttgart’s most powerful diesel car below – use headphones for maximum aural therapy.