Caterham has added a new member to its Seven range by giving the Supersport a steroid-induced brother. The two-litre Caterham Supersport R packs 180 bhp and “track-bred dynamics” according to the Malaysian-owned carmaker, which recently announced a deal to develop and build sports cars together with Renault.

Like the standard Supersport with a 140 bhp 1.6 litre Sigma engine, the new edition has many circuit-orientated performance essentials, but gains a bigger engine and a five-speed gearbox to boost outright performance significantly.

The 535 kg R’s 2.0 litre Ford Duratec engine has proven its durability and performance on the track, having been developed during three years in Caterham’s R300 race championship. The new model benefits particularly in mid-range punch and features a 25% power increase on the Supersport, as well as 5 bhp more than the R300 road car.

Other features include a limited-slip differential, Avon CR500 tyres, Supersport dampers and race springs that ensure the car’s handling is highly-focused but still supple enough for the road.

Inside the basic cabin, a bespoke Supersport steering wheel, integrated change-up light, composite race seats and four-point race harnesses complete the track-inspired experience. An aero screen comes as standard.

In the UK, the Caterham Supersport R is priced at £24,995 in self-build form or £27,995 (RM136,328) fully-built.