Fiat Panda Monster Truck: big wheels keep on turning

The thing you’re looking at in the photos is called the Fiat Panda Monster Truck, a fully-operational machine aimed at giving the Italian automaker’s new Panda 4×4 a shout. It’s a rather loud one.

Created by Fiat in collaboration with Mercurio Cinematografica, set designer Andrea Faini and the Fabio Gementi Workshop, the beast combines a Panda 4×4 bodyshell with a Jeep CJ7 4200 floor panel.

Of course, the highlight are the road tractor wheels shod with “High Speed” tyres. Measuring 150 cm in diameter and 50 cm wide, and fitted with specially-turned solid steel flanges, the massive donuts are good enough to give the bigfoot Panda a ‘wither height’ of 390 cm. The rest of the vehicle measures in at 380 cm long and 250 cm wide, in case you’re still counting.

Production of this Frankentruck took just over two weeks, and apparently utmost care was paid in connecting the steering system, clutch, accelerator and brakes between the two cars. The Fiat Panda Monster Truck is set to star in an upcoming European TV commercial at the start of 2013. Imagine trying to get it around town, or park it!