And the deal is sealed! Following up with the MoU signing back in May 2012, Fiat Group and Mazda have announced that it has signed a Final Agreement today that will see Mazda producing an open top 2-seater sports car for Fiat Group’s Alfa Romeo brand.

The new 2-seater Alfa Romeo roadster will be built at Mazda’s Hiroshima plant from 2015, and it will be built on the next generation Mazda MX-5 platform. Although the two cars will share a platform, the Mazda and Alfa Romeo cars will have differentiated styling.

I hope the differentiation will be much higher than Toyota and Subaru’s 86/BR-Z project, as while both Mazda and Alfa Romeo make beautiful cars, I can’t imagine them sharing a car that has a similiar look – it won’t carry either brand’s DNA in that case.