It’s ALIVE! Sorry, I just had to do it. If you had been here for the tumultuous journey that led to the birth of our very first magazine app, you’d understand. After months of late nights and frustrations, here it is, with a great sigh of relief, Driven+ Magazine #0 for the iPad. The version for Android is set to follow soon.

What’s Driven+ Magazine, then? Simply put, it’s an interactive magazine talking all things cars, which means news, reviews, features and stories about your fave subject, presented in an electronic mag-styled format. There’s plenty of unique content, stuff you won’t find on the website.


It behaves like a printed magazine, so you don’t need a constant Internet connection to enjoy the read. Unlike a printed magazine that you buy off the newsstand, however, Driven+ Magazine is totally interactive, which means there’s so much more content (read: pictures and videos) for you to uncover. And speaking of price, Driven+ comes to you at a low, low price of FREE.

To kick things off, we review the Audi A8 L and the Porsche Panamera. Also, we took the new Porsche 911 for a spin to see if it was all that Zuffenhausen claimed it to be – the best 911 ever. Then, read Paul’s thoughts on the Range Rover Evoque while he was Down Under.


And finally, our big one. We pitted the Audi A6, BMW 520i, Infiniti M25 and the Lexus GS250 against each other in a no-holds shootout. Pick our brains to find out which looked better and which interior we thought was the most luxurious. Then we floored the accelerator through one of Malaysia’s most twisted and scenic mountain roads; did the cars survive? Find out which came out on top.

Don’t wait. Find an Internet access and start downloading. If you’re travelling back from your hometown, it could well be your best way to kill time while getting stuck in traffic.

And, of course, tell us what you think of our effort. Send feedback whether constructive criticisms or plenty of praises to [email protected]. Thank you, and enjoy.

Link: Driven+ Magazine (FREE)