I know what everyone is thinking: with active rear-wheel steering, unproven DFI engine and worst of all, PDK-only gearbox option – has Porsche gone too far and ruined the new 911 GT3? Depends on your perspective, really. As a track-special sportscar, achieving the fastest possible lap time should be its ultimate goal, no?

The new car is lighter thus nimbler, it offers lighting-quick and smooth gearchanges that allow you to concentrate on the steering to get that perfect lap, and that new engine, race-proven Metzger block or not, is more powerful than ever before.

You’ll save time with every gear change. You can keep your hands on the steering wheel at all times, be in more control of the car. You’ll punch away from corners faster with that responsive new engine and stability-enhancing rear-wheel steering. You’ll always be in the motor’s sweet spot with the special short-ratio gearbox. The benefits go on and on. And oh, not to forget the 9,000 rpm rev limit!

Enough rambling from me then, watch the video above and be prepared to really want a new 911 GT3. Me? I think I’m in love.