This is the new third generation Lexus IS, which has yet to make it’s debut in Malaysia, and it’s one aggressive looking thing. The model you see here isn’t even the F-Sport model. The F-Sport model has even more aggressive bumpers without fog lamps.

UPDATE: The new Lexus IS is now launched in Malaysia. Click here for our launch report and pics.

Since this is the first time we’re seeing the new IS in the metal since it’s world premiere in January 2013, we took the opportunity to snap a small gallery of it at the Seoul Motor Show 2013. The new IS looks controversial in photos, and design features especially talked about is that arrow-shaped daytime running light design that’s split from the headlamps as well as the extreme upward curve of the side skirt towards the tail lamps.


The design somehow works in the metal but the blandness of the rear bumper design around the twin tailpipes really sticks out compared to the rest of the car. That part of the car looks a little ‘understyled’.

The badging on the rear of this show car indicates this is the base 204 horsepower Lexus IS 250 model. Base is a relative word as pricing-wise the IS 250 goes head to head with cars like the C250 CGI and the 328i, and as with the last generation there’s no ‘IS 200’ to be seen to take on the C200 CGI and the 320i.

You can read our 2014 Lexus IS debut story to find out more about the new IS, or enjoy the live gallery below.