Proton-logoAfter a quick search with the MyIPO trademark database revealed Proton had registered the name Proton Suprima earlier this year, we dug a bit further back to see what else Proton had registered, in hopes that it would perhaps reveal some interesting names that were contemplated internally but never ended up being used.

We did see some variations as well as concept car names that have already been announced before being trademarked – Exora Bold, Preve Sapphire and Proton Artiga had all been trademarked. But we also found some interesting names that we’ve never heard of before – Proton Idaman, Proton Persada, Proton Exia and Proton Esfora.

The only trademark result which included a stylized logo was the name Proton Esfora, which seems to use the exact same font style as the Exora. We also found no other name registered recently that could point to a different name used for the Preve hatchback, so Proton will probably continue to use the Preve name for it, or perhaps use the Preve Sapphire name, which was once used on a concept Preve with a yet to be released bodykit.

So there you have it – while the name Proton Suprima would be a prime candidate for the name of the Proton Perdana Replacement model, we can’t be 100% too sure it’s the one that would be used. Does keep things a little interesting for us. Check out the trademark papers below.