When your car’s GPS navigation system is hooked up to an online database, it opens up many possibilities because for one, your navigation information always stays up to date and two, if there’s an app ecosystem built in, it opens up possibilities of all kinds of new features.

Audi’s Google-powered Audi connect system for the A3 and A3 Sportback is one such system and they’ve just added a pretty useful app. Malaysians might be alien to the concept of comparing fuel prices between stations as our fuel prices are fixed, but in many countries fuel stations offer different prices depending on brand and location and how aggressive they want to be, so it literally pays to know which station is offering a better deal.

Because of this, Audi has added a Fuel Prices service to their Audi connect system which consults an online database to find out which are the cheapest filling stations in real time at the location you are at, or at any location of your choice, such as your navigation destination. It takes into account the type of fuel you require as well – the car would definitely know if it runs on petrol or diesel.

The driver can then pick the fuel station he wants by sorting the list by price or distance, and then he can navigate to the station by using it as a point of interest.