Here are the first pictures of the Volkswagen Polo facelift. Don’t worry if you don’t see many or any changes at all, as there really isn’t that much to notice here. The modified lower front intakes are the only visible difference to the current model, with a slimmer but wider black portion cut into the bumper.

More changes may be abound come the full reveal as the front bumper looks like a makeshift unit with the new intake grafted onto it. Expect the headlights and grille to be revised to mirror those of the newer Golf Mk7 in detail, but major work on the sheetmetal is unlikely.

Looking at the car’s condition however, it does look like the mule is undergoing some form of a long distance durability test programme. There may be more significant changes that we can’t yet see, probably in the drivetrain department.

The rest of the car is identical to the Polo that we’re very familiar with. Volkswagen seems to be giving its little hatchback a very mild update, though that’s not unheard of before. It’s lucky to be given a mid-life update at all, as the Golf Mk5 and Mk6 lived through their life cycles without receiving a single facelift.