lotus motorcycles 01

Something new from Lotus, and it’s not of the usual vehicular variety. News has come about that the brand is stepping into the world of two-wheelers, doing so through a new concern called Lotus Motorcycles, a joint project of German motor racing team Kodewa, tuning firm Holzer Group and car designer Daniel Simon.

The company’s very first bike, which is designed by Simon, will be called the Lotus C-01, a hyper bike with integrated racing technology and around 200 hp of power. Carbon, titanium and aerospace quality steel are set to feature strongly in the bike’s construction.

No images of the high-tech ride as yet, but the company says that the first visuals are set to be released in the coming weeks. Simon says (ha!) that the colour scheme will have black and gold in it, as a homage to the brand’s iconic racing livery. More in the coming weeks.