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Last month saw the online debut of the third-generation 2014 Honda Jazz (Fit in Japan and the US). Featuring “Exciting H Design” the familiar basic shape remains, but a much more aggressive approach is evident at both ends. The sides too possess dramatic lines and deep creases to appear more sophisticated than before.

The sporty flavoured Fit RS should be racy enough for most, with huge bumper cutouts at both ends, side skirts, bigger wheels and a tailgate spoiler, but these leaked images of a fully-kitted Mugen version show an even more extreme Jazz.

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Two cars are seen here, and they’re not identical. One kit is for the less sporty looking variants (white car) while the other is for the already kitted up RS and S Package variants. In the latter, the shape of the air intakes have been altered by Mugen, there’s an option for LED fog lamps and a different rear spoiler design.

Common items include a Mugen front grille that leaves no space for the H logo, big multi-spoke wheels, door visors and black wing mirror caps. At the back, Mugen adds on a rear diffuser with a blinker in the middle. The rear overhang section also appears to have changed in shape. So for those who are already thinking of jazzing up their future Jazz, Mugen’s the answer.

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