This is supposed to be some kind of mystery concept car that’s been making its way around forums and other automotive websites.

The key phrase hinted by Wallpaper* magazine in a tweet is ‘a surprising makeover from this car brand’. It doesn’t have any badge on the front grille, and the logo on the alloy wheels appear to have been Photoshopped off, if there was one there in the first place.

The design language feels to me like a more refined, closer to production version of the various concept flagships that Volvo have been putting out lately. It would be a pleasant surprise if this previewed the next generation Volvo S80. Some are also speculating that it could be some kind of new Chrysler/Lancia.

What do you think this concept could be, if it’s indeed something by a car manufacturer?

UPDATE: This concept car has been identified as the Volvo Concept C Coupe.