w1a plate

It’s a go for the new W1A format vehicle registration plate for Wilayah Persekutuan – the introduction of the series continues off from the existing three alphabet W series, which ended with WYY 9999. The timing of the introduction is pretty much as anticipated.

The start of the new number sequence from W1A will run to W9999A, then W1B to W9999B, W1C to W9999C and so on until W9999Y. Once that’s reached, the next set will begin with WA1A to WA9999A, ending at WY9999Y. This will be followed by a WAA1A to WAA9999A series, and so forth until it gets to WYY9999Y.

It was reported last month that more than bids for 5,000 for W1A series numbers had been made, according to KL Road Transport Department (JPJ) director Mohd Nadzri Osman. It was stated that that three types of numbers were up for bidding – popular numbers (four digits), fancy numbers (two digits) and golden numbers (single digit).

As to who’s the owner of the W1A number plate, it turns out that the number has been assigned to the Yang di-Pertuan Agong; the W8A and W10A plates are also similarly assigned.