Daihatsu_DR-Estate_Concept_ 001

Hello from Jakarta! We are reporting live from the Indonesian International Motor Show 2013, where quite a number of world debuts await. Eight of them are shown by Japanese small car specialist Daihatsu, three of which are concept variations of the Ayla city car which first appeared in last year’s show. This sweet little car though, the Daihatsu DR-Estate, is all new.

The company isn’t releasing any info on the low-slung three-door, other than that it’s “a car to support your lifestyle,” so what you see is what you get. It looks like a Honda CR-Z-sized shooting brake with a tall roof, allowing for a big usable space in the back. It supports your lifestyle, see?

Take your eyes off the model for a second, and draw your attention to the intricate details on the yellow concept. Lots of LEDs are in place, and there’s a clever use of contrasting colours to highlight the more interesting design features.

Daihatsu_DR-Estate_Concept_ 010

Notice the metal-effect windshield frame which, paired to the black roof, makes it appear like a roadster. The front grille surrounds are also silver, and the theme continues round the back with a similarly-shaped rear garnish. The twin exhaust slots in the middle sure looks great.

Rendering wiz Theophilus Chin adds the observation that it “looks like Daihatsu is following Audi’s footsteps by previewing a Copen successor with a shooting brake, much like how Audi previewed its Mk2 TT with a shooting brake in 2005.”

In any case, more pictures of the DR-Estate Concept coming up, as well as the rest of the Daihatsu concepts. A pretty good start to the show, don’t you think?