A rather disturbing video has been making its way around social media channels the past day, showing a confrontation between a group of motorcyclists and a family in a Range Rover SUV. The incident happened in Manhattan, and the video was recorded by the helmet camera of a motorcyclist that was part of the group.

The video begins with a big group of motorcyclists driving erratically, hogging all three lanes of a road. According to news reports, the driver had called 911 to report the group even before the first contact happened. Apparently they were taking part in an unauthorised event that was called “Hollywood Stuntz”.

Based on the video, the group of motorcyclists first slowed down to a near halt for a reason that’s not very clear from the video. The Range Rover bumped into the rear of a motorcyclist. Herd mentality kicked in and the bikers began to surround the SUV, threatening 33-year old Alexian Lien, who had his wife Rosalyn and his two-year old daughter with him.

There are claims that at this point some of the bikers began messing with the Range Rover although it’s not very clear from the footage.

And that was when all hell broke loose. Presumably fearing for his family’s safety, he put the pedal to to the metal and escaped the only way he could – ploughing right through the bunch of bikers that were around him. A six km chase ensued, with the bikers slowing him down and Lien just barging his way through repeatedly.

The group finally caught up with him in heavy traffic and conveniently the helmet cam was switched off right before the group physically assaulted him with helmets and knives and what not. But the damage to the motorcyclists he hit earlier was pretty bad as well – broken legs and blood everywhere.

Apparently this wasn’t the first time Hollywood Stuntz had caused chaos in the city. According to NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly, the group caused chaos last year as well, where approximately 1,000 riders showed up out of nowhere in Times Square and disrupted traffic. In that incident, cops made 15 arrests, issued 68 summonses and confiscated 55 bikes. The year before, there was another YouTube video where a group of bikers terrorised a Toyota Prius.

The 28-year old motorcyclist that started it all has reportedly been arrested and charged with menacing, reckless endangerment, reckless driving and endangering the welfare of a child.