reborn pink 01

The Toyota Crown is a stoic, steadfast affair, the sort of car associated with suited, no-nonsense corporate execs. So when something like the Toyota Reborn Pink Crown Athlete pops up, you’d think there’d be no take-up for the automaker’s S210 flagship ride done in such a, ahem, pretty shade.

But hey, pink is cool, pink is trendy, and pink on a sporty Crown Athlete actually works – the automaker has reported that 650 orders were placed domestically for the limited run variant in September, according to the Nikkei.

reborn pink 03

The car, designed with the assistance of TV producer/presenter Terry Ito, doesn’t just have a pink exterior – there are pink bits inside too, though thankfully the designers didn’t go stir-crazy with the shade. Pink cues include stitching bits, push-start ignition button, floor mat accents, the Crown logo on the steering wheel boss and navi unit as well as instrument meter needles.

The Reborn Pink Crown Athlete was sold in Japan from September 1-30, with those opting for one having a choice of a 4WD 2.5 litre or a hybrid version. It’s pretty far removed from the likes of the Crown Majesta, which also debuted in September, for sure. And here’s the surprise – Toyota said that women only accounted for 35% of the orders for the Reborn Pink Crown. So, who says men don’t do pink then, eh?