If you’re in the teaching profession, this should be of interest. Nasim has teamed up with Koperasi Yayasan Guru Malaysian Berhad (KYGMB) to commence a special package on selected Peugeot vehicles for KYGMB members.

Valid from now until November 30, the special package applies to the 408 2.0L and Turbo as well as 308 Turbo and 308 Griffe models, and is available to all existing and potential new members of KYGMB. To enjoy this special package, teachers need to first become a member of KYGMB.

The programme will only be available through purchases from KYGMB, and KYGMB members who want to purchase the Peugeot vehicles will need to make bookings through a request order to KYGMB. No mention on what the benefits entailed by the special package are, so guess there’s only one way to find out.