BMW is currently preparing the mid-life facelift for its F25 BMW X3, and here we have spy pictures of both a regular X3 in grey as well as the M Sport version in black.

We usually expect the areas that are camo-ed to get changed for the LCI facelift – on the X3 it appears to be sections of the front bumper, the side sills and the rear bumper.


The headlamps appear to have a different shape, similar to the new X5’s, but then again it could just be part of the disguise. The grey X3 in this photo set features LED headlamps, which will be a new feature for the X3 LCI.

Another interesting bit is that the fender signal indicators are covered up. All recent BMWs have signal indicators on the wing mirrors instead of on the fenders, and the F10 5-Series LCI also had its indicators moved to the wing mirrors – could we see a similar change for the X3 LCI?